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ADASP 14th Annual Meeting

14th Annual Meeting

Presentations from the 2004 Annual Meeting

AP Subspecialty Staffing - Dr. Black-Schaffer
Assessing Competency of Faculty in Anatomic Pathology - Dr. Otis
Cost of Sub Specialization in Surgical Pathology - Dr. Frable
Cost of Sub Specialization in Surgical Pathology  - Dr. Frable
Measuring Success Of A Department And Faculty - Dr. Atkinson
Objective Measures of Resident Competency - Why. and How - Dr. Grimes
Partial Sub Specialization In Anatomic Pathology
Recertification in Pathology Implications for Academic Practice
Specialization in Surgical Pathology
Subspecialization - Impact on Resident Training - Dr. Grimes
Subspecialty Signout in Surgical Pathology - The CCF Experience - Dr. Goldblum
What is a Subspecialist - Dr. Coffin