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ADASP 16th Annual Meeting

16th Annual Meeting

11 February 2006 Meeting
Cairo Room
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia
0730-0800 Continental Breakfast  
  Educating others about Pathologists / Pathology.
0800-0805 Introduction and Welcome  Dr. Fletcher
0805-0835 Perceptions of pathologists by others.  A journalist
0835-0905 Patient’s perceptions of pathologists. Judi Hirshfield-Bartek, R.N., MS, O.C.N.
0905-0920  Discussion How do we educate medical students in pathology?
0920-1000       Overview  Dr. Aretz
1000-1010       What is pathology?  Dr. Wick
1010-1025       Experience from a second year course.  Dr. Simpson
1025-1055  Discussion/Break Membership  
1055-1115  How do we educate other physicians about pathology? Dr. Compton
1115-1135  How we (can we? ) educate administrators about pathology? Dr. Myers
1135-1200 Discussion Membership  
1200-1330  Lunch: Montreal/ Vancouver Rooms  
  Resident Education  
1330-1410 Are RRC requirements Appropriate?  
  Yes: Dr. Grimes  
  No: Dr. Otis  
1410-1435 How do we provide graduated responsibility? Dr. Pfeiffer
1435-1500 Is slide preview important or realistic?  Dr. Lamps
1500-1525 Resident work hours: issues and solutions.  Dr. Winters
1525- 1550  DISCUSSION  
1550- 1610  BREAK  
1610- 1635 How do we best teach lab administration/ management? Dr. Wagar
1635-1700  The problem of the failing resident.  Dr. Simpson
1700-1720  Discussion Membership  
1720-1730  Business Meeting  Dr. Fletcher
1730-1930  Reception