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2015 Awards

Autopsy award: board #1; The Pathomorbidome: A system network Analysis of Co morbidities documented at autopsy. R Celli, M Divo, M Colunga, K Mitchell. Yale univ New Haven, Brigham & Womens Boston, Sciences Po, Paris France

Surg Path award: board # 167 Endometrial Surface Epithelail Change (ESEC) in Endometrial Samplings: A Banal- Appearing Histologic Marker of Underlying Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma in Postmenopausal Women. Y-A Tseng, JOu, CJ Sung, J Xiong, M Steinhoff, MR Quiddus, C Zhang, WD Lawrence. Womens &Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, Brown University

Awards were presented at the USCAP annual meeting in Boston. ADASP president elect Teri Longacre, MD, Director of Anatomic Pathology at Stanford, presented the awards.