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PA and Diener Staffing Survey

March 2010
Total # of responders to the survey : 24

A. How many PAs do you have at your University hospital location?

Varied from 1-10.

B. Specimen volume:

PA ratio varied from: 21500 to 8900: 1

C. What is your surgical pathology volume at that hospital?

115000 to 8900

D. Does the PA gross large specimens also?

Yes     - 21/24

No      - 2/24

Mostly -1/24

E. How many anatomic pathology residents do you have grossing during each rotation?

1 to 8

(Was answered as a total number by some, and by others as number grossing on a given day).

F. How many Dieners do you have? Are Dieners full time staff or on a per diem basis?

Full time: 12 centers

Part time: 4 centers

Per diem: 3 centers

No Dieners: 4 centers

Shared with affiliate: 1 center.

G. What is your autopsy volume?

Varied from 15- 500.

H. Does your PA also serve as a Diener?

No - 15

Yes - 8

Not Applicable - 1